Back on out.

And now I have made the relatively short, relatively uncomplicated drive back from one home to the other. (You will be happy to know--if you are among those who care--that I took this picture well before the part of my drive that involves hours of interstate highways.) Aside from run-of-the-mill annoyances and the fact that gas prices jumped 40¢ between 27 December ($1.43) and today ($1.82), it was an absolutely uneventful journey. And once home, I fixed my vacuum cleaner (thanks to a key piece of advice from my engineer father: always check your belts! they might just be rattling around, attached to only one of their two contact points!) and was able to vacuum my living spaces properly for the first time since returning from England--which is to say, without having to use the 4" brush attachment to clean my whole apartment's floors.

Feels like a done day to me.