It was so cold on Friday that when I stopped to take pictures of the crabapples in front of the library, my fingers started to hurt even though I was wearing two pairs of gloves--my full-fingered ones and also my wool-and-polarfleece fingerless ones. It was worth it for the pictures. But it was really, truly as cold as I've felt it getting for a long time. This afternoon, I dug out my car (for the first time since coming back two weeks ago) and made my way to town on some errands, one of which was to acquire some window film to weatherproof my apartment. Somehow I hate the idea of cordoning off my living room window--what if I can't get good pictures of the birds anymore? And yet the drafts are so profound that I haven't been able to open my curtains for nearly two weeks--clearly not acceptable.

Tomorrow, I will spend my day memorializing. I hope that you will be able to, as well.