As I was setting my schedule for this semester, I thought, "Right. Mondays will be the days I'll use for research, or for getting my week squared away enough that it won't be beastly from Tuesday through Friday." Instead, so far it seems that Mondays will be the days when I scramble a lot, paying myself back for having taken a bit too much time to rest over the weekend. These are the things I find I have forgotten.

But oh: the soybean fields turning yellow, on the way to a morning appointment. And oh: the stalky sunflower I can't photograph for you because I haven't yet figured out where to pull over and shoot it. Some things I did manage to see today. And some people, including my beloved classicist friend, whose birthday it has been all day. And so, though I have hours of work left to do before I can sleep, I can't fool myself into thinking that it's been a day of only work.

Apparently, Mondays may be becoming the day when I try to have two days' worth of being, all packed into one.