I still haven't quite gotten my timing right this term, and here's a little bit of what it feels like: tonight, after dinner with my beloved former-Lexingtonian and her daughter, I was helping get the household ready for their evening walk before heading home myself. I needed to put the baby's jacket on, and it's easier for me to do things like that if I'm sitting down and holding her in front of me. I backed up to a chair at the dining room table, but just about the time I should have been sitting on the chair, I found myself having fallen to the floor, still in sitting position, somehow having missed the chair altogether. I'm still not quite sure how that happened--I think I grazed its edge, because I also knocked the chair over. Neither baby nor I came away from the experience scarred (or even, in her case, all that very scared). But it was not unlike the kinds of weird jerks and stumbles I feel as though I keep walking into these days as I keep settling back in to routines I don't really remember anymore.