Life in color.

With my family here this weekend, I am getting a last (and in some sense a first) gasp of summer break even though we've already begun classes. I have a dog on my bed in Gambier for the first time; our dog does not usually travel such distances. This morning, I woke up happy despite the fact that the dog's body clock gets her (and her human) up at exactly 6:00 a.m. We went for a walk around the apartment complex at dawn. I saw the sun come up as I heated the milk for my morning coffee. The dog finished her dog food. I counted the morning lights: lavender, apricot, buttery yellow. I locked the screen door but left the kitchen door open to let in the morning air, and the dog and I went back to bed. (She has to be hefted up onto the bed now.) She curled up while I read, and then when I fell asleep, I curled up around her, and we slept like that for hours.

Now the college clock tolls the late night hours. The dog sleeps already, and I am off to join her.