Full heart.

Today, I learned what it looks like when one's tire goes flat while one is washing the car. And then I learned (by watching the dear friend who came to my rescue) how to change a flat.

This is to say that some parts of the day were not really so good.

But then

I learned, once again, what a deep joy it is to have this face squinch into a toothy smile when I walk into a room. After months of Skyping, I wasn't really sure how she would respond to seeing me in the flesh every day. So far, so good: today we had lessons in eating blueberries, riding the adult-sized Sit 'n Spin in tandem, using the mailbox on a play house, doing downward-facing dog together, and allowing one's parents quiet time for unpacking the wardrobe boxes. I continue to harbor hopes that I will somehow be able to help teach her to be restful, even as I re-learn that myself, in this new old place.