Continuing to be where I am.

The rain was so hard this morning that when we came back up the high hill from this seaside town, we were soaked to the skin. This meteorological development was a small disaster, given that we had a free morning in a beautiful place. Even had I carried the camera out for our mid-morning ramble, I wouldn't have wanted to take it out of its case to shoot things like the ruined castle on the beach, or the sad students surveying the shore.

I'm pinning my hopes on Friday afternoon, now. Tonight the sky is almost red, suggesting that tomorrow might be almost good weather. But I will be inside all day, speaking and chairing and asking questions and being convivial, and so it will not matter so much to me if tomorrow's weather is beautiful. Friday is another story.

And in the meantime, more images of what I passed in order to get to where I am.

I am perched near the Atlantic; I am looking toward home.