Mystery men.

Outside the Royal Festival Hall on the south bank of the Thames in London, there's a strange piece of interactive art that's much more alluring than one has any idea until one actually steps up to try it out. Perhaps even more alluring than the artwork itself: the people who are drawn to it. Like this guy in the blue t-shirt and orange and white shorts (which might be swim trunks). I'm having so much fun finding him in my photographs that his name might as well be Waldo. Or Wally, as the books say here.

When my Wisconsinian friend and I did our time wandering through the LED plinths, we had just come out of one of the strangest (and most wonderful) films I've ever seen; easy amusement with possibly responsive colored lights, out in the fresh air, was exactly what we needed in order to be able to eat dinner. Seriously, are you watching Guy Maddin films yet? Give him a try, why don't you?