Having a ball, taking a break.

Suddenly, I hit the wall and couldn't be there anymore, and so now I am taking a break from the May Ball and resting in my room, still in my evening gown and my turquoise wrap and my evening shoes and my green Superhero necklace and my fake orchid hair clip. And my silver eye crayon. Though I've faked a timestamp for this post--because I really did mean to write before I went off to the event--I only have an hour to go before the "survivors' photo" is taken. And then I'm out of there: tomorrow there's that piano recital to give, and the rest of that conference paper to write.

Even though I'm not there right now, I can still hear "I Love Rock 'N Roll" (fortunately not the Britney-in-Crossroads cover) loud and clear. It's almost like I'm there. Because I almost am.