Evening beauty.

As I write, it is 10:45 p.m. and the sky is not yet fully dark. In fact, tonight I've realized that it stays light even later than I'd thought; the sun now sets so far
north that the part of the sky that darkens last is no longer visible from my flat. The sun had barely set when I left my yoga class at 9:15.

Yesterday I began making a mental list of foodstuffs I'd buy when my replacement debit card arrived and I could access my money once more. I got as far as "cherries" and then got lost in a dream of eating cherries.

Today I bought cherries.

Yesterday I also figured out how to change my camera's settings so that its usual picture-taking mode involves more color saturation and contrast, two things for which I'm always correcting in Aperture. Now I'm watching to see how having changed the settings actually affects my pictures.

Here's the kind of shot where the difference is more likely to show up, but since I'm not being scientific about this, I don't have a comparison shot for you.

I will say, though, that that purple beech on the left is the most magical tree; once you're inside it, it doesn't look purple anymore. And it sings like the ocean, now that it has all its leaves.

Rumor--or weather report, depending on what you want to call it--has it that today was the last of our unbelievably beautiful days. We slide back to the mercurial 60s tomorrow; I'm hoping that this slide will bode well for my work.