Unexpectedly, today turned out to be a stop-and-drop day: what I have thought to be allergies seems instead to be a sinus cold, and when trying to clear my nose left me light-headed and stupid this morning, I decided to spend the day in bed. And so I have, something that was possible because my visitor took himself off to London for the night.

Now, about this sign: Usually, here, when a sign strikes my eye, it's because it's stating something familiar to me but doing it in a particularly British way. But this one, from some road construction down beyond the rail station, threw me off enough last night that I took its picture a couple of times--not least so that I wouldn't forget to look up its meaning later. Turns out "adverse camber" means "the road will be raised on the left during a curve to the left, so be careful." It's like "uneven pavement," but more specific, which seems desirable in the case of what they're doing to this particular bridge.