Wrought wonders.

In Bath, Walcot Street is a vein of counterculture running down one side of town. Apparently, one year Walcot Street was left off of a map and responded by declaring its independence. Now, every year the Walcot Nation Day celebrates the hip weirdness of Walcot-Upon-Avon.

I walked up and down Walcot Street several times during my stay in Bath. I visited the glassblowers' shop; I window-gazed at vintage clothing; I bought fine cheese; I groaned at this shop's name:

And on my last trip up the street, on Friday evening, this place caught my eye:

Abbey Gardens, a shop full of garden accessories. I knew that I was drawing stares from passersby as I took pictures. But really, the colors were too much--and then the birdcages? Yes, please. I only wish the light had been better.