I spent part of the day hoping that yesterday's horoscope was very wrong indeed, since what I remember most clearly about last night's dream is being in the front seat of an MD-80, flying too low over a city, until we plowed right into a building--and then, after a pause and a little bit of difficulty, backed up and then started going forward again. And then we flew right out the other side of the building. Which, I don't think I've told you, is what my eyes told my brain was happening on the television screen at least the first three times I saw footage of the second plane hitting the second tower on 9/11. No one anywhere was hurt. Even the plane was not hurt. Once we were out the other side, I had to go back to the task at hand--which involved photocopying something in the plane's copy room. Note that I am periodically anxious about how my time here is lessening day by day?

I spent much more of the day thinking about a friend of mine who is far away right now, dealing with one of the hardest things I can imagine dealing with. All I can do to help her is be here if she calls. That, and do my best to assemble our people (because some of you are her people, too) in a steadfast community of strength. I have been hoping all day that she and her family are as peaceful as possible and that her faith (and her own little family) will be her mainstay through everything that's happening. If you have a few extra minutes, or some extra brainspace, please think some peace and strength her (and their) way.