Set your affection on things above.

On the trees, their leaves a-twist with new fire, for instance.

For the first quarter-century of my life, my mother wore the same small gold heart-shaped locket all the time, even while she slept. When I was very little, I asked her where she'd gotten it. "Someone gave it to me long ago," she said, "when he couldn't really afford it, and that made it all the more special for me." (I found it heartwrenching when the locket--already soldered back together once--broke beyond repair.)

This afternoon's post brought me a new necklace from that wise woman of life coaching and jewelry design, Andrea Scher of Superhero Designs, who has just added a sterling silver bullseye pendant to her product line. The back of the pendant reads "superhero." That the person who sent it to me did, despite the many heavy things weighing on her, makes it all the more special to me.

Spring is messy right now--a riot of color and weather, baby ducks and goslings starting to pop up everywhere, sun and rain hitting us all at the same time. Some things are in focus, some things not. At its best, it's beautiful. At its worst, it's beautiful, too, but harder to deal with.

A somewhat promising horoscope for today:

Write down anything you can remember from your dreams tonight--they are much more vivid than usual and may offer clues to what lies ahead. They probably won't be too explicit--they rarely are!
Heh--stay tuned.