Saturday on the phone.

My best laid plans went out the window when the phone rang yesterday afternoon: my father, calling to talk. And talk we did, for nearly four hours. What a deep blessing to be able to say out loud, "You're the best man I've ever known," and to have him reply that he hopes that sometime soon I'll meet someone who will best him for that title and be a partner for life. Intercut that kind of love with transatlantic eBay browsing and in-depth discussions of Questar telescopes and insightful conversation about work lives, and you've got a damned fine afternoon.

At the end of the call, I read him my horoscope for yesterday:

You may be moving too quickly into this relationship or career path--slow things down a bit and see what happens. If you're still fired up after some time has passed, then go right ahead at full speed!
which I took as yet more sanction of the way I spent my afternoon.

And now I am officially declaring it: Some Time has passed, and I am still Fired Up. Must be not only the project but also all this walking and swimming. Not to mention the £5 free trade cotton t-shirts I found at Marks & Spencer today.

Tomorrow, right ahead at full speed!