Companions for grading.

Clearly, there will never again be a day when I do not have to grade five essays and ten pre-writing assignments, because every time I complete one assignment, five more spring up in its place and do their best to slay me. Fortunately they often slay me in the best sense (sharp wit, &c.). But today, it was damned helpful to be able to look up from my laptop and be startled by the world beyond my window. (The view here is from my study.) The cardinal was one thing.

The deer was another altogether.

See this one?

Too easy? How about this one?

Yeah, I didn't know that they just lie down in snow, either.

Believe it or not, there was a third deer out there, too, but I only saw its tail flick a couple of times and couldn't get its picture. They do match their woods brilliantly.