When I took the EARS picture last night, I was leaving Lowe's with a pile of bird-feeding materials in my backseat. This afternoon, I took a break from grading to hang up said bird-feeding materials, so that when I sit at my red desk in the living room, this feeder is one focus of my attention. That tail you see belongs to one of the many tufted titmice that are apparently ecstatic to have had a whole new food source materialize in their neighborhood. Of course, I now realize that I may need to re-hang the feeder so that it's perpendicular to the window--or else I'll always catch this kind of glimpse--a feeder, with a tail hanging off the corner.

The moral of today's story: own your own drill, and learn how to use it.

After dark, the cows started to shout and call in the nearby pasture.