Day in the life.

On the job means in the bed with a book, at the photocopier with a different book, on a table with the first book and with the photocopies and reading aloud and posing questions and making people laugh every once in awhile, in a chair in an auditorium trying to suppress a cough during a fellowship presentation, in a chair at the coffeeshop eating lunch forgetting about a meeting, in the office sending e-mails fielding questions taking phone calls counting submitted essays discussing cabinets locked and otherwise for a new building filing progress reports that threaten failure of my course if work is not submitted on time, at the piano learning how to count rhythms aloud while sight-reading, in the office thinking about a meeting, at the table for the meeting, in the living room reading a student thesis draft and a grad school proposal and a junior faculty research survey. And then contemplating bed, with another book. And blowing my stuffy nose and popping my ears all the long while.

As some of you know, one of my (and, if you know this, one of your) friends is very, and mysteriously, ill. This afternoon, he was due to go into hospital. Please keep your thoughts and/or prayers with him and his wee lovely family. They need us right now.