When my family and I left for our London-Paris-London jaunt, we blew out of here early and swiftly. Today, I've straightened up what we didn't get a chance to do before we left: washed the sheets and towels they used, ran the vacuum in the room where they stayed.

But more of the day has gone over to doing my best to steel myself against illness, given that one of the friends with whom I was staying in Scotland became violently (though, mercifully, only temporarily) ill while I was there. And when A) you're staying with an ill friend and B) the worst norovirus outbreak in five years is screaming through the country where you're living, well, let me tell you: you get ginger ale and soup and crackers ready in advance, just in case you start projectile vomiting.

Since I didn't see much of the outside world today, you get to look at Edinburgh and its lovely snow some more.