And then there are the days when you plan to do one thing but your work tells you that you need to attend to something else, a series of questions you've been asking for nearly a decade but that suddenly seem a bit different, and the next thing you know, you're almost buying books by Michel Foucault but are intensely grateful to have been sidetracked by the new edition of Janet Frame's autobiography that you found before you went down the stairs to the philosophy section because you'd rather read her than Foucault any day, and you know this without even having read her yet.

And you stop in to the store that sold the purple silk dresses at the holidays and you try on the new spotted silk dress they're selling for summer, and when the salesgirl asks you if you're shopping for an event, you tell her no, you're just wishing it were spring, only you're just making that up because even the high hard wind today was warm enough to let you love how brisk it was without making you wish you could get home more quickly.

And so at the end of the day, you think, yes, tomorrow will be one day when I'll get some ideas about materiality worked out in some way, and that step will get me closer to the next step that will go on to the next step that will eventually lead to more steps that will eventually lead on and on.

And so you will read just a little bit more about textuality, and then you will sleep.