Simple repetitions.

I know I've gotten mighty epigrammatic over here. I'm hoping to change that soon. For now, who doesn't want to see yet another picture of the sunlight coming through the chapel windows at King's, even if the picture is a week old? I mean, honestly: if you were here, I'd take you to the Free Press for lunch (now that I know about it), and we'd go to King's for evensong. And if we were lucky, it would be sunny outside and you'd get the chapel at full power, simple and ornate and humbling and ennobling all at the same time. It's not sunny so often these days, even if it's warm enough that we have daffodils coming up everywhere and lawns carpeted in eranthis and snowdrops. Next time the sun is out, I'm going to be standing with my face upturned.

And who can resist something this sweet? If I had someone making "blong" sounds at me, I would probably be laughing this way, too.