Tonight, walking with my visitors through streets I have come to know well, after perching behind the organ screen for the first half of the first Friday evensong of the Lent Term, I realized that it was warm outside. Warm and windy, warm enough that my scarf was superfluous, windy enough that I was glad to have it anyway. Dark at 6 p.m., sure, but now it's not fully dark at 4:30 p.m., and so darkness by 6 feels less onerous. Now it gusts and gusts outside, and my visitors are off resting up, sweet ones, getting ready for a jaunt down to the big city tomorrow. And the warm wind gusts and gusts, and we are all tucked in safely, and somehow this makes me remember that I forgot to show you Wednesday's dusk, with its swift sweeps of cloud. And so here it is.