The dragon goes to King's.

It was such a beautiful sunny day today that the dragon decided on an outing to King's College.

He paused for a photo along Clare Bridge.

He looked for his relatives everywhere in the chapel, but with so much stained glass around, it wasn't an easy task.

Once he'd gone back outside, though, opportunities for meet-ups and mischief abounded.

Somewhat strangely, though given the chance, he didn't seem as interested in posing and adventuring in the other colleges he visited today. Not even at the one with the giant oriental plane tree. Perhaps he was put off by the marauding bands of moorhens near the garden containing said tree. Perhaps he was put off by the fact that he couldn't actually enter the plane tree's garden. In those and other courts, he opted for snug carriage over sightseeing.

He certainly didn't risk declaring himself a second guest on the one university ID card that could have been brandished for entry throughout the day--should it even have been requested. Which it was not, suggesting once again what can be accomplished with a big, winsome smile and a proudly worn scarf from one's own college.