Were this a contest, I might be winning.

The newly re-posting Four Inches of Ego has two whole exhibits of British signage and ways it might be translated. I had these on my mind when I set out on a walk late this afternoon, and sure enough, the first thing I saw was the most incredible sign I've ever encountered. Even though I was out for 2.5 hours and covered 6.5 miles (or so), I saw little that rivaled this one for sheer stagger value:

Click on the image to enlarge--and thus to witness someone's predictable but still amusing amendment to the sign's language.

Why 6.5 miles? you may wonder. Let's just say that I went out looking for something (something small, you know, like the first women's college at Cambridge) and underestimated how far away it was and how much I might need a map to get there. And then let's just say that I decided to turn my bewilderment into a chance to see more of the northwest side of my new home. And see it I did. But I will admit that, though I was never actually lost, it was something of a relief to get back to my usual bridge, in the calm of the falling day, and to see the river shining the evening sky back at me.