Throwing filaments.

There's everything and nothing to say: I am packing up my life, which also means that I'm figuring out what that means right now. Most of me is just ignoring that it's happening at all. I mean, it's all fun and games until someone actually has to get on an airplane. Then it's still fun, but it's not all games anymore.


I suppose now you'll all tell me that you already knew this: it's a lot easier to pack suitcases when you're just putting in clothes and shoes, instead of clothes and shoes plus research notes plus books plus more books plus how many more books are you planning to take? It's looking as though I'm not going to have to jettison any of the clothing I hoped to take, nor any of my cameras or lenses. And it's looking as though I may be buying yet another ergonomic keyboard once I get to England--depending on what I can finesse from here on out.