The steady accumulation of small events.

As we're crossing the bridge, heading back to the car after another unsuccessful attempt to find the eagle, we stop to look at the birds we can see. Ducks appear, swimming eastward with the current. A mysterious reddish animal swims along, then disappears altogether. "What's that bird?" she says, looking down the river. I look, and sure enough, a heron stands there in the middle of the river. And so I take its picture, hoping that the zoom will give us a better look at the far bird we cannot reach.

And it does help.

Tonight I'm tempted to anounce that I'm taking a little hiatus from words, but that's mostly because I'm so blasted tired.

Meeting the accountant today was very much a right move, as was heading back out into the county to search for that bird, even though we didn't find him.

I am saying some mighty prolonged goodbyes. I'm also starting to look forward, with ever-greater intensity, to my new landscape.