My rambling days.

The sky was full of painters' clouds as I left town this afternoon and headed south to my beloved Lexingtonians' home. The newest Lexingtonian has gained four pounds in her first eight weeks of life. Tomorrow I may show her a Beck video, because she is starting to work her legs.

At a rest stop north of Cincinnati, a man's shirt said, "Hell yeah it's fast." Then, in northern Kentucky, a BMW 2002 from Ontario and I passed one another again and again and again: I'd zip by and be a half-mile ahead until a patch of road construction, when I'd slow down to the reduced speed limit. Then they'd pass me until we all resumed legal speed. By the third change, I was tempted to wave and smile at the young people in the car, but I didn't.

A soundly sleeping baby is an engrossing sight. And fireworks in the distance are a wonder.