In another place.

Just a little longer, I promise, and then I'm back on and offering you pictures and words. This evening, Project Exodus officially became Project Excavation, as I discover the inventive and amazing ways my crack team of excellent friends and students liberated me from the house down the road. Tonight, I sit at my trusty desktop computer, back on my trusty high-speed internet, hooked back to (though not currently using) my super router.

Unpleasantnesses happened today. But then: hours of phone conversation with my excellent parents. And then: key lime pie, a spontaneous gift from a student in the middle of last night. And then: dinner with my excellent friends and an after-dinner walk with their furry beastie. And then: mugs back in place, and a first cup of chamomile in the place that is now my Gambier home.

So: tomorrow, more unpacking. And then it will be time to rock out.

Overwhelmingly, this weekend has left me feeling that I should have made this move (or similar) at least a year ago.