Back to particularity.

This weekend, I've been feeling a need to get back to the details of my world; in some paradoxical way, it seems that even in the process of hauling and handling every single thing I own during my move, I managed to get frustratingly abstracted. Ungrounded might be a better thing to call it, given that what I fell away from was watching and documenting what's happening to all my places.

And so tonight I went out for a walk with one of my students. Though we went out seeking cows, we were soon thwarted: no doubt partly because I was carrying my camera, the cows turned out not to be on their hillside. We listened and looked, but they were nowhere to be heard or seen. And so we simply walked and saw what there was to see, eventually ending up at the prairie, where the grasses are exquisite in their variation and a few flowers showed through before the sunset.

I've come back more sighted, more settled.