Do I have a story for you.

Unfortunately, I'm so tired that I think I'll have to tell you tomorrow morning. For now, suffice it to say that tonight's was one of the best early evenings I've had in recent memory, and that my joy was actually facilitated by the camera, rather than hindered by it. You'll see. I'll show you when I get up in the morning. It started with these flowers, which--as it turns out--were growing under the snow all that time. I had just been thinking about how last year those yellow flowers were everywhere throughout February. And then there they were, all over the yard.

And just when I thought I could get no more ecstatic, look who turned up just after dark.

I suppose that with this new "labels for this post" option, on the new Blogeur, I could tag all of the dragon's appearances and make them easy to find. Perhaps I'll try that, before I sleep, even if I'm not allowed to use exclamation points in my labels.

Nope, maybe not. I don't like the look of the labels. For more dragony goodness, you can do a search for "dragon" right now.