In like a ... wet animal.

Excessive rains and threats of flooding, and so much fatigue here. A new season is struggling to be born. This rain might clear out much of our snow, but more snow will follow, and then more rain. This weather? Into the "not dealing with it much" box. There are, you see, all these applications to be written, all these plans to be made for going away for awhile. I don't mean to sound overly gleeful--all the things that made the thought of leaving sad a month ago are still in place. But departure's necessity reveals itself day by day. I want my alien registration card back. I want to expatriate for the short-term. I want to become a Sainsbury's customer again. I want to buy cheap Tesco tea biscuits and to haul home 3 for 2 books from Waterstone's.

I want someone to take me punting.

And I want to find the person who will get up and dance with me in a living room to this silly, terrible song (thanks, ModFab!). I mean, really. It seems not that much to ask.