Variations on yesterday, with found text.

I waited with bated breath all morning, barely able to contain myself, refusing to shower lest I should miss the FedEx truck a second day running. At 12:25, the truck pulled up. By 12:29, my camera was back together and I was taking this picture:

(and no, that's not dust on my plant--it's worse than dust, actually, a little web being made by the same kind of insect that killed my jade plants at the officehouse). And by 12:30, I was doing a welcome-home dance for my newly functional camera.

I have to say: if you own a Digital Rebel XTi and you've had trouble with underexposure, you should call Canon and get your camera fixed. You will be glad for the two-week investment; you will, I hope, have customer service as prompt and friendly as I received. This repair cost me $15 in postage; I probably could have argued that they should send me a postage-paid label, had I thought of it in time. And now I can actually use my light meter.

I spent the rest of the day in a slight fog, joy at the camera's return vying with sorrows held over from yesterday. But other things proceed apace. The weather warms. There's much to be found.

For one thing, chalkboard leavings:

(I don't think I've ever seen a stick-figure Christ before.)

For another, inexplicable blacktop sketches:

And for yet another, early signs of the growth that's coming:

I think that these are our lilies (you can see them back there behind the hostas).

I have more finding to do before I can sleep, though not images this time.