You've got to set yourself on fire.

Goodness, are some days unproductive, in a scholarly sense. However: I am proud to say that today I did some stellar travel planning (if I do say so) for my family's visit in...eighteen days! (Have I even mentioned to you that they're coming? I suspect that I have not. They are. And I am excited about it. Excited!) And then there was all that music-lessoning to be done. And the cordial Christmas party (as she called it) at my upstairs neighbor's flat. With a dash out to a lecture in the middle of it.

I'm being careful what I wish for, but a quieter and more focused day tomorrow would be just fine.

I mean, other than seeing that little film that's opening here tomorrow and that I bought my ticket for a week ago. I can't say that the CGI daemons don't make me a little nervous; I'm no fan of fake animals (though I'm even less a fan of CGI-enhanced real animals). But I'll try to take as a good sign the fact that the website just gave me a tiger named Aesop as my own daemon. And I suspect I'll still be psyched about seeing Pullman's novel on screen. (If you haven't read the His Dark Materials trilogy, you're missing out, I tell you.)

Oh, dude: today, while I was walking to town, I almost stepped on a pair of fake false teeth. It wasn't a fake pair of false teeth: they were real. But they were not real false teeth, the true kind with which one could take a bite out of, say, crime.