Further lessons in readjustment.

Today I discovered that when Skype forwards calls to my mobile phone, I pay not $.02 but £.16 per minute. Whoops. To make this comparison apples and apples, I've been thinking that the charge would be $.02/min., when it's actually more like $.36/min. Thus suggesting, once again, that things that seem too good to be true often are.

On the other hand, on some very special occasions, other things that seem too good to be true might be just that elusive combination of good and true.

The whole day hasn't been this cryptic. Some parts of it were rather silly, others rather lovely. Chief amongst the latter: correctly timing when to do which activities so as to maximize time spent in the sun. Practicing the piano at noon means that I sit in a pool of sunlight. Sitting down to work at my desk at 3 means I sit in a pool of (setting) sunlight once again. Walking between 1 and 2:30 means not only that I can stride through sunlight but also that I increase my chances of catching an orchestra rehearsing (badly out of tune, alas) in Trinity College's chapel, where I almost took pictures of the high gorgeous light despite the fact that often one is meant not to photograph inside chapels. Instead, I just listened.

For those of you keeping score at home, it is entirely true that I have not been writing for a long time--since before Bristol, in fact, and that's nearly a month ago now. I am gearing up for the next prose push, which has me turning back to some texts that I know well and turning through some that I've long wanted to know but have never explored, and lighting upon others of which I'd never heard before I found them in the marketplace or about which I'd forgotten until someone chanced to mention them recently.

Somewhat unexpectedly, this week has brought some seismic shifts in my senses of what I'm doing here, and of what the relationship between here and home is now and will be. These shifts are going to be all-important: they are about knowing and respecting what and where my real life is.

Tonight, I feel mighty--which is good, because tomorrow a couple of serious tasks (not to mention a couple of very trivial ones) have to get done.