Yes, this one is pretty good:

You're going throughd an emotional slowdown at the moment, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy life. It's just one of those days that calls attention to your deeper needs, so pay attention and play along.
And really: this never gets old. Not for me, anyway.

Tonight, I've discovered an unexpected (and dubious) benefit of living under the worst dollar-to-pound exchange rate in history: when I click over to J.Crew to gaze at their lovely party dresses and imagine what it would be like to get danced off my feet in one of them, I don't think, "Sheesh, that's expensive." Instead, I see a dress that costs $180 and think, "Hunh! Only £90? What a steal!" Which is not to say, by any means, that I've been over here buying £90 party dresses. Though I've found an excellent one, in red, that I would own in a second if I had a place to go fancying about in it.

Oh. Hell. Yes. The Atari 2600, staple of my young life (how many evenings did I sit on my father's lap while we played Space Invaders? I can't count them), just made the Toy Hall of Fame. If I had a 2600 here, I would play many celebratory games of Pong, or maybe Bowling. Also, I suspect that if I had known about the Strong Museum of Play, my life in Rochester might have been a lot more fun. I always did sense that it would be a much more fun city if one had a partner and children with whom to cavort.

That's what I want: a fellow cavorter.

You see how my head is today.