Faces high and low.

It's definitely fall, and today is definitively Sunday: a day for finishing reading, doing laundry, making a meal I can warm up for lunch after I write tomorrow morning, going to Clare College for choral evensong, stopping on Clare Bridge after nightfall to look for the Canada geese paddling down the dark river in single file.

A couple of backgammon games and a good mug of hot milk, and I should be ready to sleep.

If you had a vacuum cleaner that looked at you like this, you too might be in the process of changing your cleaning ways.

You might even, say, clean your entire flat in the warm afternoon, then venture out to purchase further cleaning necessaries--cleaning cloths, baking soda, dish sponges--with which to finish the job. And you might even find yourself looked at by even more faces while out: in Cambridge we are not at a loss for lookers.