Winding down.

Because I will be at a symposium all day tomorrow, I am not planning to write again until Monday--though of course I am open to surprises and compulsions. And so it is that I can calculate my week's written labours: 4138 words total (an even 1000 today), some of which are signposts and miniature outlines for next week (and thus may not have made it into my daily totals up until now). My guess is that this work constitutes just over 1/3 of my introduction. And with this pace I am happy to live--not least because I do get to keep living while I produce this way. I'm at the keys for about two hours a day, and the rest of the time I can bury my nose right back in a book, or smash my eye up against my viewfinder.

I am deeply, profoundly grateful. One of my Clevelander students e-mailed me my week's pop quiz today, and one of its questions asked me what word I would coin to describe my time here so far. "Glorificatorious," I wrote back. Productive of or suffused by glorification (not of myself, I hasten to add).