Evening walk with flowers.

By the time we neared sundown, I had grown so restless that I could no longer sit still and decided (as if I had much choice) that I would go out with the camera and see what I could see. I strode away from the officehouse and headed for the cornfields across the road, yet another place where fall is making its approach known.

Once I was down by the cornfields, I decided to keep going and prowl around our environmental center a bit. The evening was cool and brighter than our day's overcast beginning could have promised, and there were sunflowers beckoning from near the center's driveway, and from within its grounds, and I do not resist sunflowers.

And once I was in the driveway, a student called out to me, introduced me to a kitten named Batman, and offered me a tour of the center's gardens. I would be able to offer many more pictures had I been shooting with my regular batteries; as it was, I had almost no power, which left me shooting nearly blind. This situation turned out to be just about right, though, given the quiet clamor of these blooms for the camera. We fumbled together, the flowers and I.

By the time I headed back to campus, past the reddening fields, over the river, and up the hill, I was almost myself again. And later this evening, lo and behold, I relocated my missing folder of notes from one of last semester's classes. Last week, I read this folder's disappearance as an ill portent. Perhaps all will be well after all.