Focus. Refocus. Focus.

The rain set in late tonight. Before it broke its clarifying over us, I treated myself to a walk home for dinner, through the warm air, with my camera. And I collected some things for you.

I checked on the bowl-shaped web, only to find it gone and a strange, bunched, thick strand of spiderweb--and a large, multicolored spider--in its place. And it was difficult to photograph, I'll tell you, but eventually that spider and its web came into focus.

Then, it was nearing sundown when I crossed the state highway, heading from the officehouse to my home.

Hawks circled and swooped, catching the sun on their wings' undersides; I thought of Hopkins's "Windhover," my heart (in hiding) stirring for a bird.

And then, the dragon, who has been clamoring for my attention for a long time, wanting to tell you that it's fall:

And then, as I walked back to the officehouse, my belly full of pasta and my ears full of Hem (only three more days until I see them again!), jets overhead, brightly: