Many things begin with S.

Leaving aside the small susurring storm that scared a spider while we slept, as well as the subways that sailed us under streets and sidewalks, today we saw:

Statues. (This one: Rodin's Orpheus and Eurydice.)

Scratches. (These: Egyptian carvings and European graffiti on the Temple of Dendur.)

Sky. (Here: Fifth Avenue and 82nd Street, across from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where the statues and the scratches were.)

Spray paint and steps. (These: back in Brooklyn.)

Shadows and sun. (Here: on a bridge in Prospect Park.)

And the slightly spangled scarlet silk scarf I secured at the store. Also my beloved Brooklynite's small son, whose name does start with an S. But that's secret (here, anyway), so I'm stopping.