Just when I thought there might not be anything to write tonight.

I just received a blank e-mail with the following subject line:

"If Super Viagra existed centuries ago, Shakespeare would have"

And this tantalizingly unfinished statement raises (if you will) some tempting possibilities: what would Shakespeare have done? or been? or had? if this miracle had existed centuries ago?

I realize a couple of things: this post might be my lamest ever, and now I'm going to get so many absurd hits from people who are googling both the "drug" itself and, almost certainly (and completely inexplicably) the spam message mentioning the drug. After my "Please open your mind for a simple thing" post in June, I had at least one or two searchers land here daily, having looked for that string of words. But these questions about Shakespeare, I tell you, they're important for a literary critic, especially one who's about to skip town.