Home again, home again.

Once again, I have nearly completed a post and then lost it. And once again, I have had this experience while pushing the bounds of my own wakefulness. And so, though I hate to say it, you're going to get the merest of safe return announcements from me tonight, to be followed up by images and reflections in the morning. Images weren't uploading earlier, anyway, so the original version of this post would have been completely unillustrated. At least now I can give you the bookends of my day, as my constant promise of more to come. Before I set out early this afternoon, I enjoyed a lovely morning of porch-sitting and coffee-drinking with the recently relocated friend I'd traveled to see (and her three terrifically friendly and goofy dogs). By the time I was drinking cup number three, the shadows on the porch had gotten just so. Near the end of the trip, just as I crossed the Ohio River, a perfect crescent moon appeared in the western sky, hooked me silverly, and led me the rest of the way home. I didn't get a good picture of the moon, so the sunset will have to suffice.

Again, I'll say more about the trip in the morning. You know I'm good for it.