Driving home, illuminated.

Herewith, my visual record of yesterday's drive. I think that prose of substance will resume tomorrow. (To follow along with your map, start in Amherst, VA. Follow 60-E to Cumberland, VA, observing disused buildings all along the way. Turn around and go back to square one. Then, follow 60-W over the Blue Ridge Mountains to Buena Vista ("Boona Vista"), VA. Take I-81 north to I-64 west. Follow I-64 past the fallen signs at the exit for the West Virginian "mall" that consists of a KMart, up more mountains and near mountaintop cloudcover, until you get to Charleston. Just after you see the gilded dome of the West Virginian state capitol building, swing north on I-77. Follow I-77 north into Ohio, breathing a strange sigh of relief to cross the river and reenter your own state, even though you experienced some serious doubts about living there, while you were away. Love the corn's extreme, stalky bordering of the highway. Love the fields of fog all around you. Love the quiet deer at the side of the road. Love the single firework that erupts silently up ahead, somewhere near the I-77 / I-70 interchange that alerts you to the fact that you're nearly home. Love the moon in the dark, as you always do, always, no matter where you are. Love the end of the drive in quiet and solitude, the camera gone quiet in your lap as you eat up the last miles home.)