One of those days.

And by "one of those days," I don't mean "one of those days when everything falls to hell because I can't stop dropping or losing or breaking everything around me." Instead, today was one of those days on which entirely necessary things happen--packing, driving, meeting, unpacking, eating--but, in the process of their happening, the whole day disappears. And now I'm crashing out, fast. But first, let me tell you: for the first time in thirteen years, tonight I will go to sleep in a bedroom containing a full set of furniture, all of it mine. Never in my life has putting things in drawers been so pleasant an occupation. And there's not much more to tell about my experience driving the semi-big truck here. Don't tailgate trucks: it really is true that if you're very close to their rear ends, they can't see you. Several times today, I discovered lurkers behind me when they drifted to one side or the other of the lane, and it was frustrating and a bit frightening not to be able to ascertain whether they were still back there, a little while later.

More rigorous and engaging cogitations tomorrow, I promise.