I am dazzled in days and lost.

Today the sun was high and bright and the living room was illuminated and warm and I sat on the couch after my friends left and though I was meant to be doing work reading I found my day's title in another Annie Dillard book that I had checked out at the library when one of my friends needed Heidegger like he needed air and when I realized I could find Merleau-Ponty whom I'll probably not get to until May but I checked him out anyway and brought out from the library with me into the sun both my friends and my armload of books and walked to look at offices in my officehouse for this summer I must move and then I took pictures of signs all the way through town and first there was the one that reminded me of seeing Wayne's World with my father

and then I took a break from signs for a moment for this one that reminded me of a certain urban photographer

and then there was the one that spoke (if weirdly) for itself and my friend said isn't found type terrific you can do so much with it

and now it occurs to me that he's right and I could do even more with that one

and then there was the one that you're not expecting

and then there was the one that would be good for my office door and in case you're wondering I think the G and V are for Gambier Village so that we don't have to have any rumbles when people come over from Howard or Danville to take our signs

and then there was the one that made me say to my friends do you think they'd let us be a sixth borough and my friends said no and I thought yeah if Philadelphia's having a rough time of it I guess Gambier's got trouble

and then we came home and I performed the personals from the London Review of Books because my gift subscription started today and here are the three best ones from this week

and before you say there is just so much sometimes and maybe you should save something for later let me just tell you that I am done with saving things for later because even the living room lamp made a spectacle of itself today

not to mention the ceiling during breakfast

and so I trust that abundance will keep coming tomorrow.