I'm asking for your support.

Faithful readers! I'm breaking from my usual Cabinetry tonight to enlist you in a project I'm attempting to join. I'm in the running to be one of fellow blogger ModFab's troop of "ModFab Sixers." I'd be a sort of commentator and opinionator for the hiply literate and culturally savvy blogger set (you can read a more specific description of what this honor would entail here). As ModFab sums it up, I'd be one of the guardians of popular culture. I'm one of twelve contestants for the final six slots, and, as requested, I've submitted my three-sentence bio and a wee image representing myself. Look for the bird on legs, just like this one here.

Now here's where you come in. ModFab is running an election--nay, a Dancing with the Stars meets Project Runway popularity + talent + style + snark smackdown. And I need votes. Your votes.

Here's what I have to offer (besides what I've already brought, over on the other page):

When I was about five, I had a Big Wheel. And it was not a girly Big Wheel. It was either just like this one, or it was even more badass because it was black. The more I think about it, the more I think I've been crossing mine (which I think might have been just like this one) and my brother's later one (which may have been inspired by Knight Rider, tonight's Story for Another Time). In any case, I was not selfish with the Big Wheel. I let other people drive it around the block (and man, we went SO fast, riding around town on that low-rider tricycle). Moreover, I gave other people rides on the Big Wheel. Because we were all so freakin' little, it was no big deal to kick the seat up to the front notch, thereby creating a place where a rider could stand behind the driver's seat and hang on to said driver's shoulders. This practice is what ultimately killed the Big Wheel, when the plastic over its back (non-big) wheels' axle simply collapsed.

My point is, I had a cool thing, and I wasn't stingy with it. I've tried to make this my life's work: having cool things (material or not) and being un-stingy with them. And what I'm trying to say is that if you help me get this particular Big Wheel, I'll let you ride it around the block with me any time. So get on over to ModFab and help me be a contender. You can vote for up to six people (and there are some people pretty dear to me in that group, I'll tell you--so rock out choosing the other five people you want to vote for, too), and you have to vote by 11 a.m. EST on Sunday. Play along. You know you'll enjoy yourself.

source for tonight's image: Feeling Retro. Check out the Big Wheel Love on that message board!