No step, no step, no step: day one.

When the first half of your day's work runs you into unforeseen obstacles (which keep you from the Market you crave, no less), you have to be pretty grateful for the morning's sunlight. But when you can't upload your pictures of said sunlight, come evening, you might feel a little grumpy. But then when you remember the happy ending to what could have been a small crisis, you might feel that, on the balance, the day has gone pretty well, especially seeing as how you and all your loved ones still (as far as you know) have all limbs and digits and sensory organs in good working order.

And you might resolve to write more interesting things tomorrow, and you might hope that you will actually be able to follow through on that resolution, but you might also fear that this afternoon's taste of just how unexpectedly crazy things can be here is only that: a taste, of a killingly overheavy smorgasbord yet to come.

And yet you might still say, bring it on.

(I did have such swell pictures for you tonight. Who even knows why I can't present them.)

(And when the pictures go up, late late late in the night, you might feel even more rejoiceful in your sleepiness than you did before.)