Bonne anniversaire.

In the middle of the night one year ago, something possessed me to start building a site for this bizarre URL I had claimed the summer before. I had no grand plans for writing or for images. Within days I had a clear read on just how much I'd been wanting to write.

Tonight is the first night of Hanukkah, and it's the first night that, though I am not (as far as I know) Jewish, I've lit candles in recognition and in celebration. This year, it will take me right up to the solstice; if you look back to last year, you'll recall how much the solstice means to me. The next seven days, then, are about illumination, both retrospective and prospective.

Sometimes, when I think I want a party, what I really want is time for quiet meditation. Tonight is one of those times. Starting to build this Cabinet has arguably been the most important thing I've done for myself all year. I hope your peeks in have been even a fraction as edifying.