Yes: frivolity.

From now on, I am going to take many cues from this (relineated) bit of a spam message that awaited me upon my return to Gambier:

That's my lab table
and this is my work stool
and over there is
my intergalactic spaceship

Quite an occasion
to start things
up again.

Three hours later:

Now, imagine me as Charlotte from Making Fiends, saying "Wow!" Curious about whether or not the lines of text in that spam message were from anything, I googled them--and it turns out that the spam was generating out of someone else's blog. My first "stanza," then, comes from this guy's quoting Futurama one day (some of you may already have picked up on this; I am not a TV watcher and thus don't have a very broad allusion base there); my second comes from his remarking upon something that motivates him to restart his blog. Such strange circles! (And if some thing starts random-generating out of my blog, what will it choose? Where will my words go? Staggering!)

Tomorrow I'll show you what I saw on the way home this afternoon.