The light fantastic.

You know how much I hate not giving you much to read. I especially dislike the fact that writing may be strange and sparse over the next few days, as I do some work-related travelling and sojourning; my auxiliary brain is on its way back to me, but it won't be here, rebooted, and running in time to accompany me when I leave. And so, we'll just have to see how I do while I'm away. It won't be like Ottawa in April, I fear.

And so it is that I'm not particularly thrilled with only giving you pictures today. But I'm doing it, because that's the way things are here right now: the temperature plummeted two days ago; I saw my first snow of the season last night (not long before I lost that hubcap again, possibly for good this time, though I'll check tomorrow and see); today we're wearing scarves. I stomp around town in whatever boots I'm wearing. I Get Things Done. Other Things go unfinished but will get cleared up before departure. It's like that right now.

But oh the flourishing that will happen. You need only look; you'll see it too. I spend much of my time looking up, watching endless reiterations of this picture:

It never gets old.